Ranch Operations

Our mission is to produce a quality beef product using sustainable beef management practices. We are driven to having the healthiest hardiest and highest performing calf to sell at weaning as possible. The ranch uses sustainability and conservation practices to become great stewards of the land and cattle we operate. By consistently improving genetics and using new management practices, we are building a better more efficient herd.

The team on the ranch are dedicated individuals who have a passion for the industry, and that strive for excellence. The ranch works to keep the ranching heritage and traditions alive. All of our cattle work is done horseback.


The cattle program on the ranch is focused on sustainability and quality beef production. The ranch is comprised of lazy rolling hills with stands of Pinon and Juniper, with Blue Gramma grass being our primary forage. The ranch has a carrying capacity of around seven cow/calf pairs a section. We are solely a cow/calf operation, that raises commercial Angus cows and calves. The ranch prides itself on producing high quality program calves, that are third party verified. We are certified by the Global Animal Partnership as step 4 producers, and by Angus Link Verified NE-3 program verified, which consists of Source and Age verification, Non-hormone treated cattle, and antibiotic free calves. Additionally we participate in Superior Livestock’s Vac 34 program.

Cattle are sold in either July or August by Superior Livestock and are delivered in October as heavy five weight calves.

The Ranch cooperates closely with our Colorado division ranch the “Buckhorn Mountain Ranch”.