Cattle Ranch and Operations

Cattle and Ranch Operations


Ranch work is still done in this part of Northern New Mexico as it was 100 years ago. Brandings and all cattle work are done on horseback. Cowboys throw their ropes to pull calves to the fire. Sick cows are doctored by cutting them out of the herd. Calves are separated from the cows on the back of a horse. And heifers are checked on horseback. Ranchers “neighbor “ to get their seasonal work done and ride their best horses to show off their skills.

Watrous Valley Cattle

The ranch raises excellent commercial quality Angus cows and calves. Herd size is approximately 500 cow/calf pairs, plus replacement heifers and bulls. AllĀ  the animals are grass fed and are raised without antibiotics, hormones or feed additives. Most calves are sold at weaning to all natural feeding facilities for finishing. The ranch also finishes excellent finished grassfed beef for use on the ranch and for sale to outside customers.

Watrous Valley Ranch cooperates closely with our sister ranch in Colorado “Buckhorn Mountain Ranch” to select the best breeding stock available.